Why Choose the GlueLess® Innerspring Assembler?

Lighter. Greener. Smarter. $$ Saver.

Texas Pocket Springs has a revolutionary way to produce a totally-recyclable QUADCOIL® mattress with glueless technology.


Better technology makes a better mattress.


Totally recyclable

Glue elimination renders the innerspring totally recyclable

Reduced shipping costs

No glue reduces the weight of the unit by up to 3 lbs which will also reduce mattress shipping costs

Efficient component replacement

Modular engineering provides an efficient interchange for component replacement

Reduced labor cost 

With full automation

More stable innerspring

Uniform bonding produces a more durable innerspring with increased stablity and more even surfaces

Increased unit production

Very little machine downtime delivers a higher yield for mattress production

The GlueLess® Innerspring Assembler is the first of its kind to produce an innerspring without the use of glue. The innerspring that is produced was initially independently tested and shown to have superior stability and longevity when compared to glued products.

Not only has the technology demonstrated excellent reliability with virtually no downtime, but the cost savings are significant—up to $10/innerspring by eliminating glue, reduced labor costs through automation, and lower shipping costs by reducing the weight by 5 pounds/innerspring. Modular engineering provides timely interchange of parts, and eliminating glue renders the innerspring totally recyclable. This whole process produces 25 Queen Size units an hour.

Main advantages of the GlueLess® unit:

The thermally welded bond is more permanent than a glue bond.
Temperature does not affect welded bond. (Units loaded in semi-trailer can reach temperatures that exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit which can adversely affect hot melt glue). Temperatures below freezing make glue brittle, which can cause the units to break apart.
The welded bond is pliable and does not compromise the feel of the innerspring.
The welded bond will reduce the unit weight.
The welded bond makes a more environmentally friendly unit.
Changing the length of the weld can change the feel of the unit.

Below are additional facts about the GlueLess® Innerspring Assembler and its impact on the industry:

The uniform bond produces a more stable innerspring with even surfaces
Modular engineering provides an efficient interchange for component replacement
Patented process
Produced in Texas using the latest in state-of-the-art motion, heat, and safety technology
Produces a standard-size Queen unit in three minutes
Unlike standard glue systems, it can operate in the harshest environments
Monitors every sealing probe individually to maintain the highest quality bond
The footprint is adjustable to suit a variety of layouts
Has an adjustable range from 6-inch high units to 9-inch high units (150mm – 230mm)
Coil diameter range from 2” to 3-1/8” (50mm – 80mm)
Field-tested and proven both in the U.S. and Europe to produce a superior finished innerspring
Onsite visits and education are welcome to ensure maximum operating efficiency


The following patents protect the GlueLess® Innerspring Assembler and technology:

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European Patent

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Chinese Patent

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