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For more than two decades, Texas Pocket Springs has been at the forefront of state-of-the-art bedding technology. Our commitment to quality, comfort, efficiency, and environmental friendliness requires constant innovation to always stay one step ahead of status quo—the GlueLess® Innerspring Assembler is a shining example of that philosophy.

A Timeline of our Rich History

Improvement in Quality and Comfort Requires Constant Innovation

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Innovation and product improvement have been Martin Wolfson’s mantra from the moment he engineered, patented, and designed a pocket spring machine and introduced Texas Pocket Spring technology more than 20 years ago. In that time, that bedding technology has evolved from the very first pocket spring coiler to a machine that now produces a superior and comfortable innerspring mattress that is both a recyclable and sustainable product. Below is a brief timeline of the impressive march toward the GlueLess® Innerspring Assembler.


In 1998, Wolfson’s company, SIDHIL TECH, developed its first pocket spring coiler. The machine produces the innovative center seam pocketed spring to replace the conventional top seam design to allow for a true two-sided mattress. The patent for the system was eventually granted in 2001.


At the same time, SIDHIL TECH developed the QUADCOIL®, which ultrasonically fused two rows of pocketed springs together to create a stable module. This resulted in a more stable pocket spring unit. The patent for the QUADCOIL® was granted in 2000.


In 2001, Wolfson introduces a system to heat treat and cool down the coil before inserting it into the fabric pocket. This process was unique to the industry at the time and created an even more durable innerspring.


At the end of 2001, Wolfson then re-engineered the coiler to produce different height coils with different convolution counts, which enabled Texas Pocket Springs to produce a variety of innerspring units from the 2-inch MICRO coil with 1,344 coils in a Queen unit to the 9-inch MEGA coil with 1,088 coils in a Queen unit.


In 2014, given Wolfson’s continued concern over the stability and effect that extreme weather conditions (heat and cold) had on the hot melted glue bond that was traditionally being used to join the rows of pocketed coils together, he further refined the end product by designing and engineering a pocket spring assembly machine that would bond the rows of coils together without the use of glue. This eliminated any effect that the outside elements would have on the quality and durability of the pocketed coil innerspring unit.


The introduction of the GlueLess® Innerspring Assembler in 2016. Not only has Wolfson been able to produce a Disruptive Technology, but he has also produced a superior innerspring that is a totally recyclable and sustainable product.

Why the GlueLess® Innerspring Assembler?

Recyclability and Reliability Makes a World of Difference

Texas Pocket Springs has been using the GlueLess® Innerspring Assembler for all its innersprings since 2017. The result has been the ability to produce a superior product that is consistently recognized by both the mattress manufacturers we supply and the mattress retailers and their customers for quality, comfort, efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

Social responsibility, worldwide environmental agencies, and ever-increasing landfills speak to the importance of totally recyclable products.

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