Taking Automated Mattress Innerspring Production to a New Level

Innovation Awaits You

At Texas Pocket Springs, we have always worked closely with our customers to produce the best and most cost-effective innerspring mattress units for any situation. How we stay ahead of that curve is through constant innovation and never being afraid to question conventional wisdom in the name of efficiency, quality, comfort, and environmental friendliness. 

The GlueLess® Innerspring Assembler, produced and designed by Texas Pocket Springs, is the latest innovation in the world of innerspring mattress production. It is the first disruptive innerspring technology in over a decade.

It is our goal that this automated GlueLess® assembly system will forever change the way the bedding industry operates. 

Environmentally Friendly

There is a worldwide demand to produce recyclable and sustainable products.
Our technology now renders the innerspring mattress totally recyclable and sustainable, which has never before been available.

Eliminating Glue

While the industry standard calls for the use of glue throughout the production process, this patented disruptive technology instead fuses each coil together rather than using glue to produce the world’s first environmentally friendly pocket spring innerspring. We have found that eliminating glue has a myriad of benefits, including:  

Creating a stronger and more permanent bond between each coil
Unlike glue-based production, temperature does not affect welded/fused coils
Cost savings of $8-10 per Queen size unit 
100% recyclable units. Raw materials can be repurposed 
Reducing the weight of each unit by up to five pounds, leading to reduced shipping costs

Quality and Efficiency

Our belted QUADCOIL® innerspring mattress design eliminates toppers and pads from being caught between the coils—providing unrivaled strength and stability for the life of the finished innerspring mattress while also allowing each coil to operate at 100% efficiency.

Additional benefits:

Can be adjusted for variable fabric density and coil heights
Produces 25 Queen size units per hour
Assembler is built to adhere to all OSHA standards

About Us

Bedding technology has evolved tremendously over the last two decades, and Texas Pocket Springs has been there every step of the way. Our commitment to innovation and the enquiring minds of Martin Wolfson and his team of engineers, is the reason the disruptive technology of the GlueLess® Innerspring Assembler has become a reality. 


We have spent a great deal of time ensuring our latest design exceeds all expectations. You are invited to view our Technology section to learn more about the GlueLess® Innerspring Assembler, including an image gallery, PDFs, engineering sketches, gallery of YouTube videos, and more.


Social responsibility, worldwide environmental agencies, and ever-increasing landfills speak to the importance of totally recyclable products. Enjoy relevant blog articles as we share information on the environmental impact of the GlueLess® Innerspring Assembler. 

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